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Quick kava servings?

Discussion in 'Noble Kava (Asheville, NC)' started by kavadude, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    @Andrew Procyk , could you give me a ballpark estimate on how many servings I'd get out of 1 oz of the quick kava?

    Thanks man.
  2. Crunked

    Crunked Proselytizer

    I would say 3. A standard serve AFAIK is 10g in 375 mls of water = 3 shells. I take them 15-20 mins apart. Noticeably stronger effect if you mix in 15g/375mls.
  3. Andrew Procyk

    Andrew Procyk Noble Kava Kava Vendor

    Hey... Sorry, been a while since I have been on here... but I believe the recommended use is 1 tsp per serve. If you want to go bigger - that is of course, your business. ;-) Cheers!
  4. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    Ah yeah, but how many teaspoons roughly are in the 1oz order? (I haven't ordered any yet).
  5. Crunked

    Crunked Proselytizer

    I may have been ambiguous in my reply. One ounce is 28.3 grams, so near enough to 30 grams. A standard session is 10 grams in 375mls of water = 3 shells, so 1 ounce will give 3 standard sessions. Of course you can up the session to 15grams, but then you will only get 2 sessions for your ounce. Once I get home I will weigh a teaspoon of Quick Kava and edit this reply.

    [Edit] According to my digital scales, 1 metric 5ml level teaspoon of Quick Kava is around 1.7 grams. IMHO you would need 6 teaspoons to have a standard session and I would put that into 375 mls of water for 3 shells. It has a mild taste, certainly way more palatable that Borogu. :yuck:
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  6. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    @Crunked, thank you for the detailed reply.
  7. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    I've ordered it and will post a review later this week or next week.